Binyavanga wainaina how to write about africa pdf latitude

Or, better, naked dead bodies.

Binyavanga Wainaina: Talking About Writing About Africa

Never have a picture of a well-adjusted African on the cover of your book, or in it, unless that African has won the Nobel Prize. Market capitalism is shaking, and all of a sudden the vast grassroots has oil and copper, and willing, driven and ambitious hands.

The Ancient Wise Man always comes from a noble tribe not the money-grubbing tribes like the Gikuyu, the Igbo or the Shona. We get an influx of images and sensations, a multifaceted view of a country, a continent, and, above all, a person. Africa, based in Johannesburg. It is not a surprise that, in these days, there is a vast and growing new middle class across the continent: Your African characters may include naked warriors, loyal servants, diviners and seers, ancient wise men living in hermitic splendour.

Whichever angle you take, be sure to leave the strong impression that without your intervention and your important book, Africa is doomed. She must never say anything about herself in the dialogue except to speak of her unspeakable suffering. Hyenas are fair game and have vaguely Middle Eastern accents.

The world was safe, and the winners could now concentrate on being caring, speaking in aid language bullet points. As nobody had won, the big powers had to fight for the hearts, minds and minerals of all.

Or any kind of genitals. We make deals with those who see a common and vibrant future being a platform for engagement.

Avoid having the African characters laugh, or struggle to educate their kids, or just make do in mundane circumstances. If you are a man, thrust yourself into her warm virgin forests.

How to Write about Africa

There is always a big sky. He is a cannibal who likes Cristal champagne, and his mother is a rich witch-doctor who really runs the country.

The magazine publishes the work of writers from throughout the African continent. A post-cold war child. Binyavanga Wainaina is a Kenyan writer whose work confronts outdated Western clichés of Africa and ‘African Literature’.

As founding editor of the literary journal Kwani?, he has helped launch the career of many emerging writers in Kenya and across Africa.

How to Write about Africa

Read “How to Write About Africa” by Binyavanga Wainaina In your notebook, answer the following questions. sentences for each. 2. What is the target of this satire? What exactly is being satirized? 3. Find examples of any of these: irony, hyperbole, and understatement.

How do they contribute to the satire? SATIRE Assignment 1. When writing about the plight of flora and fauna, make sure you mention that Africa is overpopulated. When your main character is in a desert or jungle living with indigenous peoples (anybody short) it is okay to mention that Africa has been severely depopulated by Aids and War (use caps).

This was a fun read. A ridiculously fun read. Under "irony" in the dictionary, there's a little picture of Binyavanga Wainaina. It's a very short, tongue-in-cheek reflection about Africa and the people who write about Africa.

A few posts down my Instagram feed I went on a long rant about African literature focusing on the same generalizing themes/5. Binyavanga Wainaina’s essay, “How To Write About Africa,” published inremains the most forwarded article in Granta’s history.

The laugh-out-loud-funny satire captured every recorded stereotype that has been used by journalists, novelists, and historians when writing about Africa and its myriad countries, peoples, languages, and. The classic article by Binyavanga Wainaina. It’s even more relevant now. (via Xeni).

How to write about Africa by Binyavanga Wainaina some tips: sunsets and starvation are good (from Granta The View from Africa). Always use the word ‘Africa’ or ‘Darkness or ‘Safari’ in your title.

Binyavanga wainaina how to write about africa pdf latitude
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