Cause and effect about generation gap

The two parties can understand the lifestyle of each other. We moderately comprised towards our desires perhaps because our desires did not suit the traditions and culture of our religion.

They can also organize to celebrate the birthday of each other. The Generation Gap To put it in simple terms, the generation gap-a broad difference between one generation and another, especially between young people and their parents-leads to a problem which is as old as the hills.

Impact of generation gap

If both the parties are interested with the topic of spirituality then the formula works wonderfully because both the parties require spirituality in life to create peace.

This is one quality your children hates about you. When both the parties are co-operative they can complete the tasks very peacefully.

Executive producer Rick Berman had made it clear that Frakes could not re-use footage and each loop needed to be filmed fresh, in order to prevent the episode from looking like a clip show. The best way for people to overcome generation gap among people of different age group is to spend their time with each other and try to understand and appreciate others with their own views and morals.

As you are dealing with teenagers therefore you need to keep yourself in their situation and then think about it. Data suggests that his positronic brain can be used to send a short message to himself in the next loop which may help them to avoid the collision. They evaluate the voices to determine that the loop is restarted due to the collision of the two ships but do not know how to avoid that collision in the first place.

Psychologists believe that most young people experience conflict during their adolescence. It is the duty of the parents that they make their kids understand their limitation and define a boundary for them.

These all are the changes when the kids grow from teenagers to adulthood. You thrust your ideas on them. Beverly Crusher Gates McFadden begins to hear noises before she goes to bed following the poker game. The young parents might not be as responsible as we older people would want them to be and this adds more trouble to the "gap".

They will love you for this. Today our nation has made tremendous progress in the field of technology and science compared to the yesteryears. They began to develop interest towards religious activities and spirituality after they began longing for a settled and an economically stable life.

The senior staff work out that they are stuck in the loop; the voices they are hearing are those of themselves from the previous loop just prior to the destruction of the ship.

Dating as well as discos are some of the places where the young generation likes to visit but parents and grandparents are not interested in such places. They have formed different values. In the extreme cases the parties even decide to abandon each other. Especially in the initial stage when a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law meet each other they cannot live with peace with each other because both of them meet from the different worlds.

However I understand your question. Might get a slight improvement in performance up to the limitation of the coil's ability to jump the gap.

Technology is day by day changing and to grab and accept new one is the need of people now. This activity not only creates bondage but also opens the doors for understanding. Generation Gap Essay 5 words Introduction: They will not obey you. Sit with your children and talk about their needs so that you know their expectations.

generation gap causes effects and solutions KEYWORD essays and term papers available at, the largest free essay community. A gap has always been noted between the current generation and the others before it. Acting like a barrier, it keeps the different generations distinct.

A number of factors play role in /5(1).

Generation gap - reasons, effects and solution

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Effects of Generation Gap Generation Gap is often described as difference of thinking, between the people of two different generations. It is a universal phenomena and the difference of perception can occur between anyone like parents and their offspring; teachers and their students; employer and his.

5 top reasons for generation gap with your children By Mathi 5 top reasons for generation gap with your children can make your interaction with them tensed and stressed.

The generation gap is used to refer to the different way that thosein different generations see things, and think about things. Peoplefrom different generations can see the sa me thing, yet.

Cause and effect about generation gap
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Essay Writing Tips : Cause-Effect: The Generation Gap